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Wedding Rock & String Quartet Services

Are you more traditional, but your other half is more rock and roll—or vice versa? They say that opposites attract, and you know first-hand how true that is. From the day you met, you knew you’d found the one who complemented you in every way. But when it comes to your wedding day, how can such different tastes harmonize on the dance floor? That’s where a rock string quartet steps in to save the day. Perfectly blending just the right amount of classical and rock, this is one string quartet that’s far from boring, but don’t worry—these pros still have what it takes to get your great aunt Betty on the dance floor along with your raucous ushers who prefer Bob Seger over Bach.

Don’t let the looks fool you—the best rock string quartets look just like the perfectly composed types complete with tails and suits. You expect them to know their Canon in D Major, and they certainly do. However, you also might expect them to be boring and blend into the background after the walk down the aisle, and that’s when you’re in for a great surprise. Have you ever heard Aerosmith on strings? How about "Imagine Me and You" compliments of a violin? For the bride or groom who wants the best of both worlds, nothing compares to a rock string quartet.

A Perfect Match

Think you can’t luck out twice in a lifetime? You know you struck gold when you found your sweetheart, but who says you can only get one perfect match in a lifetime? Rock and strings go together like you and your soon to be spouse, your wedding colors, and cake and bubbly. They have what it takes to have everyone flocking to the dance floor as well as tearing up during the ceremony. With PopCultureStrings on stage, everything from Mozart to Lady Gaga is possible so you can customize the music on your big day.

There are clear nods to tradition snuggled up next to contemporary favorites. Want to add a little something extra? Rhythm sections, pianos and other musical accoutrements can take your rock string quartet to the next level—kind of like you’re about to do when you say, "I do."