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Wedding Photography Services

It’s true what they say. Your wedding day really does go by in the blink of an eye. You’ve no sooner said “I do” when all of a sudden you’re waving farewell from the limo, tin cans tinkling behind you. Everything in between? It’s all a blur—literally if you don’t have the best photographers in your corner. No matter how much you’re committed to stopping and smelling the roses (or gardenias, lilies, or other centerpiece flowers) on your big day, it’s impossible to squeeze in the time to really sit back and appreciate all your hard work. All those months of planning and years of dreaming come down to just a few short hours that feel more like minutes.

However, you do have one trump card in your pocket: Your wedding photographer. A photographer, ideally combined with a videographer, is one place where you should never skimp. Don’t count on your niece who’s toying with a photography major at the local college to capture all those special moments. And leaving disposable cameras on the tables? You’ll likely end up with more blurred pictures of your guests’ duck faces, especially after they’re a glass of bubbly in, rather than some treasured candids of you and your other half.


When looking for the perfect wedding photographer, keep in mind that even the cream of the crop have different styles. A great photographer listens to what you want and can modify their years of experience and expertise so that they get exactly the images you want. Prefer classic black and white mixed in with a few modern, color prints? How about a photography team where one pro sticks with your sweetheart during the all-important “getting ready” part of the day, the other stays with you, and everyone comes together like cake and champagne for the ceremony and reception?

You deserve a photographer who puts you first. Having a knack for reading light doesn’t mean anything if a photographer doesn’t provide free quotes, an engagement photo bonus or just doesn’t mesh with your personality. Professionalism and mad skills have to go hand in hand. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words—what are hundreds of your photos going to say when you flip through your album on your 50th wedding anniversary?