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Wedding Lighting Services

All the world’s a stage, especially on your wedding day—and a grand stage requires phenomenal lighting. Think lighting is something to be left to your photographer and videographer? Think again. Even the most stunning venue has mediocre lighting options at best. Doesn’t your Grandma Pearl deserve to see you and your other half vowing to stick together through sickness and in health? That’s pretty difficult when you’re exchanging rings at a poorly lit altar. And that grand entrance you have planned at the reception with the perfect song and just-right quip? It’s going to be missed if the lighting’s lacking.

This is your day in the spotlight, literally—so make sure the spotlight is actually there. Choosing the right wedding lighting can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices, but you know a thing or two about finding your perfect match. After all, you’ve already done it once.

"Love is Not Consolation—It is Light"

There are four major types of lighting available (well, five if you count love like Nietzche did). Custom Gobo is a pattern, word or other customized piece of lighting that’s projected onto a key area. Think the happy couple’s name lit up above the dance floor.

Non-intelligent lights are activated by sounds and complement the music. No technician is required for these, and it’s a simple enough assignment to give to an attendant since it just require an on/off switch. Even your little nephew can do it after his ushering duties. From disco lights to romantic rose-colored flickers, it’s an easy way to draw guests to the dance floor like moths to a flame (or your Uncle Jerry to the chocolate fountain).

There’s also Intelligent lighting which is programmed and controlled by a technician. This is the best way to ensure lights and music work in perfect harmony. After all, the lighting for Etta James’ “At Last” and Lady Gaga should be very different. Uplighting provides the perfect accents, kind of like those centerpieces you spent weeks debating over. They’re colored lights for just about any place from the doorways to columns.

In the Right Light, at the Right Time, Everything is Extraordinary"

Artist Aaron Rose had light pegged when he said this, and your big day is nothing less than a work of art. With Pin Spot lighting, spotlights shine down to illuminate whatever you’d like, from the fondant-carved cake to the newlywed’s chairs. These lights can also be strung on poles to match themes depending on the venue.

Lighting sets the mood, helps ensure the most stunning photographs and videos, and ensures guests don’t miss a sliver of your big day. You know your sweetheart lights up your life—now see what a professional can do about your wedding.