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Wedding DJ Services

The most important day of your life should come with the perfect soundtrack. Just like all those frogs you kissed to find your prince or princess, wedding DJs and MCs are not all created equally. Take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to your wedding music.

If you’re like most brides and grooms, you probably have a very strong opinion about the chicken dance and the electric slide. You want to cherry pick a few songs—or maybe the whole set. You want, and deserve, a DJ and MC who can read a room, make everyone dance (even your great aunt Myrtle) and ensure that everyone has a blast in between the teary-eyed toasts.

However, a dream wedding MC and DJ combination doesn’t stop with mad spinning skills, a playlist to die for and the ability to get even the most obscure of songs because it’s your song and definitely first dance material. These professionals are also punctual, dressed to the nines (or however you’d like them dressed—they’re more than happy to get kitted out in Hawaiian garb, kilts or anything else for a theme wedding) and boast the latest equipment. They’re courteous, really listen to what the soon to be betrothed want and epitomize punctuality.

Let’s Set the Mood

You’ve probably spent hours poring over wedding invitations, tasting endless cakes and debating over favors. All of these details come together to make for the perfect big day, but nothing sets the mood like your DJ and MC. It all starts with the entrance song. Or maybe it’s the song played during the walk down the aisle. Not just anyone should be announcing the newly married couple to your throngs of family and friends; it should be a reputable MC who knows how to really make the moment special.

Every single member of the team is hand selected based on their professional experience, skills, passion and expertise. You have enough on your (fine china) plate, from writing your own vows to watching the weather forecast like a meteorologist in training. Leave the DJ and MC duties to the most reputable team in the region, but fair warning: Make sure you break in those wedding day dancing shoes before heading to the reception. You’re going to need them.