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Mitzvah DJ Services - Everything Entertainment

When it comes to super fun, high-energy, and forever-memorable Bar and Bat Mitzvah's DJ services in Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and beyond — look no further than Everything Entertainment.

Your child only comes of age once, and this life-changing rite of passage deserves the absolute best Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJs and dancers. Everything Entertainment specializes in mitzvah events that are fun for everyone (from the brand new 13-year-olds to your Grandma Beth), and promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Our world class entertainers have been the driving force behind thousands of bar and bat mitzvahs, and understand that sometimes getting a bunch of teens on the dance floor can be a challenge. That’s why our music library is constantly updated and everything from games to dances are on tap for you to cherry pick. Have a particularly obscure song in mind for the horah? Does the family have a penchant for karaoke, or has your child been dreaming of a photo booth? When it comes to reading the crowd, our DJ’s have the skills—but they also come with an incredible amount of support like the hottest novelty items and state-of-the-art-technology.

A Family Affair

At Everything Entertainment, our specialty is guaranteeing that everyone has a great time, but the spotlight remains firmly on your family (literally, if you’d like to add some pro lighting to the mix). Has it been awhile since you did the Ashreinu dance? Need an electric slide refresher? Our DJ’s aren’t just masters of the mix tables, they’re also true entertainers—and dance teachers. When consulting with your family leading up to the big day, our DJ’s work with you to plan every detail from the Homotzi to the Candlelighting.

Want to include some interactive dances, games or graffiti artists to the fun? A mini game show featuring the guest of honor? Everything is personalized and handpicked by you. Enjoy a complete party package filled with props, lights and special touches. Your new teen has totally different musical taste than your Uncle David, but our DJ’s know exactly how to blend a soundtrack from our epic library to span generations.

Tailor Fit the Mitzvah

A great party is one that’s all-inclusive and sets the “bar” (or bat) high. Nobody ever said entertaining legions of middle schoolers was easy—and when you add numerous generations to the guest list, things get even trickier. Don’t worry. You really can please everyone when you have the right professionals on your side.

Call 1 (800) 311-MY DJ today to start planning the biggest event of your child’s life (so far), or complete the online booking form. This is an event 13 years in the making, and you and your family deserve only the best.