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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Videography Services

As you and your pre-teen prepare for their metamorphosis from child to adult, you’re probably waist-deep in bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah planning. Thirteen years of preparation doesn’t seem to be enough. Has your son overcome his fear of public speaking? Does your daughter know her recitations forwards and backwards? And what about your great aunt Rachel—has she booked that hotel room or are you going to have yet another houseguest during the festivities? From the rabbi’s Shabbat to choosing the right caterer, you have a lot on your plate.

The celebration will fly by, and as the host you’re bound to miss some of the most special moments. These are memories in the making, so make sure you’re recording them (literally). Remember the look on your son’s face when the Hora dance really got going? How about when your daughter led the prayer and you saw hints of the woman she was becoming in how she commanded the room? And that first dance with your child—remember how flawlessly you pulled it off? Don’t let these moments slip through your fingers. Capture them for a lifetime.

Why a Videographer?

You know you need an incredible photographer at your child’s mitzvah, but a videographer can be the icing on those Rainbow Cookies. A photographer is an integral part of any celebration, and they have what it takes to immortalize this coming of age event—but photographs are limited. Ten years from now, you’ll want to hear your son lead his first service, not just look at a photograph of him on stage. Twenty years from now, you’ll want to watch your daughter taking to the dance floor with her father, not depend solely on the perfect candid snapshot.

Videos keep the best memories alive. They capture the sounds, feelings and excitement of this important day. They’re the perfect complement to your mitzvah photographer, working hand in hand to ensure that you can re-live this rite of passage for decades. When the time comes for your grandchildren to segue into adulthood, your children will have these videos to share. Coming full circle starts with having the right professional team.