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Bar & Bat Mitzvah DJ Services

When you’re announcing to the world that your child is coming of age at their bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, you need the best MC, DJ and audio equipment available. Your soon to be teen may technically now be responsible for their own actions, but as the host or hostess, you’re still responsible for ensuring everyone—from your child to your spouse’s colleagues—enjoys the festivities.

From the recitation of the Haftarah to the endless toasts, this rite of passage is often a lavish affair. Your guests are flying in from all corners of the world, and the honoree has been spending their pre-teen years preparing for this hallmark moment. However, without the right equipment, it’s challenging to welcome your child to adulthood in style. You want to ensure that everyone can hear your child flawlessly pull off that Torah recital, that even your grandmother can hear the rabbi’s special Shabbat, and that when you take the stage to toast your child’s debut as an adult, you’re not competing with the static of a subpar speaker and microphone.

Get the Party Started

Is there a common musical thread that a bunch of 13-year-olds, your office colleagues and your old-fashioned elders from the other coast can share? Yes—but it takes the right professional to pull this off. String quartets can be lovely during a ceremony or cocktail hour, especially when you go the route of a rock string quartet. And bands? They certainly have their place, and in the right crowd can make everyone from kids to adults bust out their signature dance moves. But if you really want a crowd pleaser, there’s no comparison to a DJ and MC combination.

A great DJ doesn’t have to stick to a set list, never has to tell your 12-year-old nephew that he “doesn’t know the new Drake song” and can appeal to all generations. DJs read crowds and have the innate ability to bring just the right amount of tears to that father-daughter or mother-son dance, can set the stage for the most memorable Hora you’ve ever seen, and can get even the shyest of middle schoolers to take on the dance floor. Whether you imagine your child’s mitzvah with a DJ/MC as a headliner, or as a precursor to a 10-person band ensemble, one thing is certain: You’re setting the “bar” extremely high for years to come.