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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Live Band Services

It seems like only yesterday your little one was all about superheroes and dolls, ponies and sports, mastering basic arithmetic and sounding out those picture book stories. The big “13” seemed light years away, but now it’s right around the corner. The heart of a great bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is all about the music, but as the host or hostess, this party of a lifetime comes with a unique challenge—how can you keep a bunch of 13-year-olds entertained as well as your guests who have more distinguished musical tastes? When it’s your job to keep everyone from the grandparents to your kids’ numerous BFF’s on the dance floor, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things of all: This is your day, too.

From the ceremony music to the raucous reception that goes well into the wee hours, you need a miracle to pull this off. It’s been a few years since you buckled down and memorized a book of the Tanakh or the books of Moses yourself, and watching your child prepare for their grand entrance into adulthood might bring back some stressful memories. Don’t worry—this time around, you’ve got a slew of professional musicians at your beck and call, all with the experience and skills your family deserves to make this lavish affair one to remember for a lifetime.

A Dance for the Ages

Let’s be honest—your brand new teen has very different tastes from your colleagues, your elderly aunt and your college-aged nieces and nephews. But who says you can’t please everyone? With SoundConnection, a 10-piece mega band with countless awards under their gartel, everyone will be on the dance floor well after the beloved hora is complete. Or maybe Rhythm6 is more your speed, filled with young talent and boasting an eclectic set list that can be customized to please everyone in attendance. SoundHouse blends an intimate approach with all the flavor of a powerhouse band, while Marquise injects a dose of rock into the evening.

This is a milestone like no other, and your child as well as your family, loved ones, and friends deserve to celebrate in style. Why not include PopCultureStrings earlier in the evening, an innovative group that combines classical and contemporary? Pull it all together with a top rated DJ and MC, the perfect icing on the babka. Your child only turns 13 once. How do you want it remembered?