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Photo Solutions

Step behind one of our ultra-modern photo booths and allow your guests to remember your event for years to come. We have a wide array of options from open air booths that allow large groups of people at once, to closed booths that give your guests privacy while in their session. All booths come with unlimited sessions and photo prints for your guests during the event that can be customized with any color and layout.

Photo Booths are a perfect complement to our DJ service, and can be customized for any event. Looking for a creative guestbook? We can print copies for your guests to sign along with a special message. Hosting an event open to the public? We can brand the strips with your logo or design!

Features include:

  • A collection of props for use by your guests tailored to your event.
  • Two 2x6 strips or a Single 4x6 print of up to four photos in a session.
  • Digital Photos are included in every photo booth package and are available immediately after your event.
  • Package includes an attendant to assist guests with the Photo Booth and to answer any questions your guests may have.
  • Printed Strips can be given to your guests or placed in an album for your guests to leave messages.

Open Photo Booth

Our open booth allows guests to enjoy the fun of a traditional booth with the freedom to create. Guests can easily change props between photos, photobomb other guests, and fit as many people as a space will allow. This booth is an excellent option for open-style events such as Mitzvahs or School events as it can accommodate the most people at once.

Closed Photo Booth

The closed booth is similar to a traditional booth in that guests are enclosed during their session. This booth offers a more close-knit experience as guests are separated by curtains from the rest of the event. This booth is the perfect option for events that want a more traditional feel.

Live Photo Booth

Often times our most popular option, the live photo booth expands the booth experience into a photo studio. Instead of a stationary camera, an attendant holds the camera and is able to assist guests with props and posing. This option is perfect for events such as Mitzvahs where small children may be present or any event where guests may not be as familiar with a traditional booth setup.