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Corporate Event Videography Services

You’ve spent an entire year planning this event. Those hours working overtime to ensure the corporate gala is just perfect is about to pay off. And those endless phone calls to change the menu after all the VPs decided last minute to be vegetarian, gluten-free and/or on Paleo? You pulled that off flawlessly. As you tie up those loose ends and get ready for those compliments from the CEO for the best corporate party yet, don’t forget one vital addition: A videographer. Already have the perfect photographer booked? That’s great, but a videographer is the necessary accoutrements to a photographer, not a replacement.

There’s only so much you can glean from a photograph. Yes, you need that requisite photo of the employee of the year getting their trophy and the group shot where all the hot shots present the check to your philanthropy organization of choice. These are the images that will grace the corporate website homepage, the brochures sent to potential funders and they’ll be ever-present on the banners for the tradeshow. But a video is where the magic really happens.

Dust Off Your Marketing Skills

The records of corporate events are invaluable marketing tools. Make sure you’re on top of marketing trends. Video marketing has spiked in popularity, with over 90 percent of US senior marketing professionals opting for this tactic over any other approach. People are more likely tempted to click on a high quality, professional video rather than pore over yet another mega album of photos. Videos capture things that images can’t. They tell a story, draw in viewers and can relay an incredible amount of information in just a few seconds.

Ultimately, your photography-video team can provide you with incredible marketing fodder that just might help you gain another rung on the corporate ladder, too. As the corporate event planner for your company, this is your time to really make a statement. Couple the addition of a videographer with the statistics behind video marketing, and this isn’t just an excuse to slip off those work shoes and finally be seen in something besides a buttoned-up shirt by the VPs. This is your time to shine and showcase the company in the best light—plus, immortalizing the moment when Ed in accounting makes one too many trips to the open bar and karaokes to Britney deserves to be enjoyed for years to come.