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Corporate Event Photography Services

As your company’s event planner, it’s not just your job to make sure everyone has a great time—it’s also your job to act as historian. Capturing those invaluable moments, like the awards ceremony, the President’s toast or when the oversized fundraising check is presented isn’t just for memorabilia. These are key marketing tools that may be used in brochures, on the company website and of course to raise the bar high for next year’s gala. Choosing the right corporate photographer takes a little know-how. There’s a certain finesse that’s involved, which is why corporate photographers specialize in their craft.

Your company deserves better than “just” a portrait photographer who isn’t used to catching all the action, like when the normally stodgy VP decides to show off her electric slide skills. Professional images are, well, professional and can capture the fun of the event and make perfect covers for those annual reports. Every moment, from the bum rush at the registration table to the slideshow that captures everyone’s attention, needs to be crisp, clear and have that “look at me” appeal. This is exactly what corporate photography teams can do.

Who Needs a Professional?

You do. You did the homework when it came to handpicking the venue, the catering menu, the decorations and the entertainment. How difficult could it be to snap those special moments? You might be the most take-charge, innovative person in your office (which is how you got the fun job of event planner), but corporate photography isn’t a skill that can be mastered in a day no matter how many Instagram pics you’ve posted. Every single person at the event is going to be busy and rushed. You need a team of corporate photography pros whose sole job is to capture the event.

Whether this is your annual company holiday party, the awards ceremony that brings together partners from around the region, or a hallmark anniversary celebration where “put it on the company card” extends all the way to the very open bar, these are the moments where all your hard work comes to fruition. You need it to be perfect—and that includes having stunning photographs to prove that even the CEO can bust out those running man moves when she’s clocked out for the evening.