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Corporate Event Live Band Services

Pulling off the ultimate corporate event takes a lot of finesse. As the party planner, you want to make sure everyone has a great time—but there’s definitely too much of a good thing when it comes to staying professional. Do you have the right vibe so that everyone from the interns to the VPs will still be talking about the festivities at the water cooler for endless Mondays to come? Is the music appropriate, but still have everyone slipping off their shoes? After all, once you see the CEO busting out some old school moves to Nicki Minaj or 50 Cent, that can’t be unseen. You have a fine line to walk.

While you may all be colleagues and spend the nine to five together, there’s still a lot you don’t know about your office-mates. For example, maybe Susan in sales loathes Top 40 with a vengeance. Maybe Steve in accounting will be seriously offended by club music with even the slightest hint of an obscenity—and you don’t want to upset anyone in accounting. A DJ/MC combo can be a great start to a corporate event, but if you really want to strike the right “chord,” only a band will do.

Get Everyone on Board

With Sound Connection, this is guaranteed to be the office party of the year. A 10-piece ensemble runs the gamut from Elvis to Lady Gaga and everything in between. The best part? These professionals work with you so that you’re in complete control. Only want oldies? No problem. Some jazz, funk and Top 40 is the perfect cocktail? That’s right up their alley. However, if you prefer to keep things a little more professional (or want to at least start that way), but still inject some corporate-approved fun, PopCultureStrings has you covered with skilled string players who can shake things up with traditional renditions of rock anthems and pop songs.

You can also opt for Rhythm6, a high energy band that captures the intimacy your office is usually lacking year-round. They’re perfect for any sized gathering, and their variety will get everyone to the dance floor—even crotchety Walter from the IT team. Whether you prefer Marquise, a powerhouse of a band with an endless set list, or a combination of DJ and jazz combo band, you may not be able to take the office out of the party—but you can definitely make the party one for the record books.