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Corporate Event Jazz Combos & More

Want to instantly “jazz up” the next corporate event? There’s no better way to do so than with some of the greatest regional jazz combos, bands and artists on your stage. Whether you’re looking for a posh, intimate affair for the company holiday party or the ideal complement to your top ranked DJ, infusing some jazz into the corporate event is the quickest way to shake things up and inject a touch of professionalism and class into things. You’re the corporate event planner, which means you have a full plate. You’re in charge of everything from the menu to booking the perfect photographer, but at the heart of any event is the entertainment. Make the most of it.

With a jazz combo, you can customize the details to suit the tastes of the company. Are your VPs all about a classical pianist, or is the CEO after a brass-filled evening of fun? Do you know from experience that once the open bar is available for an hour or two, everyone heads to the dance floor for some Top 40 compliments of the DJ—but you want to get things started with a four-piece jazz ensemble? Nothing beats live music, whether it’s the main event or the starter.

An Affair to Remember

No matter what type of event you have on your hands, the right entertainment will bring it all together. Choose Rhythm6 for their youthful energy and powerhouse vibe—they’re the perfect jazz band for your annual gala. SoundConnection is the ultimate 10-piece ensemble that can bring any crowd to their feet. And SoundNation? This six-piece group is ideal for your fundraising party or for cocktail hour before the conference gets kickstarted.

Go classical with PopStringQuartet, a unique approach to strings that blends the lavish touch of classical instruments with pop songs and rock anthems. Inject as much (or as little) jazz as you’d like into the event. Each of these professional artists work closely with corporate event planners to ensure the right vibe is on deck. No matter how buttoned up or down your office, music is a universal language. And if that language happens to be a little jazzier and foot-tap-inducing this year? This’ll be one corporate even that sparks water cooler conversation for many Mondays to come.