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Corporate Event Novelty Services

Just like the Oscars, Grammy’s and even the MTV VMA’s, everyone looks forward to the company party for one big thing—the swag. Yes, it’s fabulous to watch the VPs have one too many cocktails and tackle the dance floor. And if you’re being nominated for employee of the year or another award? That’s even better. But everyone loves a sure thing, and some great take-home items can make or break a corporate event. From the photo booths to the graffiti artist whipping up some one of a kind memorabilia, everyone loves “free.” As the corporate event planner, it’s your job to cherry pick the novelty items that will be a hit—and distinguish them from those which are duds.

Luckily for you, this is one responsibility that’s easier than picking up the requisite Friday morning doughnuts. All of the research has been done for you. The best novelty items are already handpicked. Rave reviews have already been received. Now all you have to do is narrow down the choices. What’s it going to be? A personalized street sign, airbrushed t-shirt, custom imprinted chocolates or all of the above? Only you know the unique tastes of your office or company. It’s time to set the bar high.

Clear Winners

Maybe it’s the company’s annual shin dig, a fundraising extravaganza or the bi-annual conference that brings together employees from around the country. No matter what the event, swag and top entertainment are a must. Maybe you want to shake things up with a Las Vegas Themed Casino for this year’s holiday party, or perhaps some accapella vocalists will tie everything together. From body art to a money booth, a great event is all in the details. There’s only so much a top rated DJ, band, photographer and videographer can provide. Make this event extra special by providing some much needed fun, games, takeaways and keepsakes.

Planning a corporate event isn’t easy, but when you have the right tools at your disposal, it gets a little simpler. Is your company more the Xbox Kinex crowd, or is caricature art more your speed? Infuse some fun and games into the event—it’s a great way to bring everyone together and ensure that even stodgy Betty from the admin team has a blast.