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Corporate Event DJ Services

Whether it’s your first time planning the corporate party or you’re a veteran, there’s a lot of pressure involved—and it’s resting squarely on your shoulders. You’re in charge of making sure everyone has a grand time. That might seem easy if you were doing this for yourself. After all, your friends all tend to like the same music and your personal parties don’t double as a serious ladder-climbing environment. Now, it’s your job to get everyone from the “gophers” to the COO onto the dance floor. Can it even be done?

Yes—as long as you have the right entertainment in your corner (or in this case, behind the DJ booth). A DJ-MC combination is the perfect cocktail for your corporate function. These professionals read crowds in an instant. They know when to segue into a song suited for the electric slide, can bring extra oomph to announcements when the CFO takes the stage, and works with you well in advance to perfect your “do not play” and “must play” list. Even if you already have an assistant or two in the office, your DJ-MC duo is the only executive assistant you’ll need for this event.

Picking Top Quality Candidates

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without checking their references, poring over their resume, and bringing them in for an in-person interview or two. You make sure only the best, brightest and most skilled join your team—shouldn’t you do the same for your corporate event? Whether it’s the annual holiday party, a conference with a reception or a centennial celebration for the company, the top dogs in your company want to work hard and play harder. That’s where you step in, and you deserve only the best support.

Can’t decide between a band and a DJ? Get both! They complement each other better than those appetizers and wine selections you spent hours choosing. However, if you only want one, DJs are always a safe bet. They can take requests (because they always know that song), help direct the movement of the party with more than just music, and the best come equipped to flawlessly blend in. Want a simple suit and tie dress code for the big night? Or is this a masquerade ball, Tikki theme or Halloween extravaganza? The best DJs look the part because they are the part that bring it all together.