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Corporate Event DJ Lighting Services

Forget the fluorescent glow of the office. When you’re in charge of a corporate event, whether it’s the annual gala or a fundraising event, you need expert lighting that ensures the spotlight is always on the right person. When the CEO gives her speech and the cameras are flashing, all eyes need to be on her. When the awards have been handed out and the bar is open for business, the dance floor needs to have the right alluring lights to draw even stodgy Steve from HR into the conga line. This isn’t just another party. This is the company event—and there’s a lot riding on it.

There’s all kinds of lighting for corporate events, and it’s important to know the biggies. For example, non-intelligent lighting is sound activated and designed to move with the music. It’s easy to operate and doesn’t require a technician. However, it’s also very basic. Suitable for the simplest of affairs, it’s probably enough to keep the small, intimate holiday office party gathering going, but if you need to step it up a notch, you’re going to need a pro on site.

Going Customized

Need to impress the top dogs? That’s where intelligent lighting really lets you shine. Controlled and programmed by lighting technicians, this is a full production. When a spotlight needs to shine on the receptionist Barry as he busts out his breakdance moves, or things need to be livened up with the electric slide, these lights move in harmony with the music. However, perfect lighting isn’t delegated just to the dance floor.

Choose uplighting for just about anywhere—walls, ceilings, doorways and anywhere else where a special touch is needed. Available in LED or standard, this is one of the simplest ways to turn a venue into a showcase. Lighting technicians can help you choose the right colors for any occasion, whether it’s an awards banquet or a conference.

Striking a Professional Tone

With a pin spot, you can highlight centerpieces and (depending on the venue) string them around poles to bring a professional warmth to the event. This is ideal for showcasing trophies, awards, oversized checks and anything else the company would like to highlight. Step things up a notch with custom gobo lighting, which can be personalized to any pattern or name—think the name of the company projected over the doorway, or the names of awardees as they’re announced.

It doesn’t matter if your event is a luncheon or a ball that goes into the wee hours. The right lighting can maintain that professional standard while instilling some fun and excitement into the event. The right work-life balance is all in the (perfectly lit) details.